Hot takes on some of the roadblocks keeping the Canadian tech scene from reaching its full potential

November 2022

“How can I show traction beyond revenue?” I frequently get this question from founders of pre-revenue startups. Absent the obvious measure of traction…

October 2022

SaaS companies are increasingly introducing usage-based pricing model. Why does this matter?

July 2022

I believe that immigrants make some of the best founders, and almost half of the founders that I’ve backed in my career are immigrants.

April 2022

What does your $ come with?

November 2021

A customer analytics perspective

October 2020

SPAC is all the rage. Is it truly the best way to go public?

August 2020

Originally published on my personal blog on August 10, 2020 Continuing from Part 1, here I share my personal outlook on the future of telehealth…
Originally published on my personal blog on August 2, 2020 (Source: iStock) My first encounter with health care dates back to high school when I…